Auto Voice Recognition Revs Up

For most people, time spent in the car commuting, driving to trade shows, or visiting customers and partners is the least productive part of the day. That may soon change, thanks to voice-recognition technology that’s transforming cars into mobile offices. The first phase in this evolution is navigation systems. Once used solely for finding your way around town, in-car systems now can call for roadside help, crank up your iPod and make hands-free calls. Soon, these systems will handle e-mail, text messages and more. [Read the full article]

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Toyota Motor (TM) late this afternoon offered up a press release and even a video!  describing its preliminary findings regarding the 2008 model Prius that apparently sped out of control in San Diego a week ago. Toyotas investigators said they think the drivers account is inconsistent with their own findings. Toyota says there was no problem with the accelerator pedal itself, and that the floor mats, which have obstructured the accelerator in some other Toyota cars, did not appear in any way to be interfering with the accelerator. The front brakes, however, showed severe wear and damage, which, the investigators suggest, may mean that driver James Sikes didn’t fully depress the brake pedal, but rather tapped it repeatedly. Toyota said further examination was required. That’s the same thing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said earlier today about its own inquiry into the matter. [Read the full article]

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