Could Western Union Be the Next Activist Investor Target?

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Pimm fox and mia saini are joining may.

Let’s continue with number four and starbucks offering a way for you to recharge your cell phone.

It will roll out powermat wireless chargers.

— it will roll out powermat wireless chargers.

We still have these situations where people plug in their tablet so we are on the verge of solving the next big problem going mobile by allowing people to wirelessly charge wherever they have a venue or where they are located are waiting.

They just charge their device and we make sure they stay charged.

If it works, that’s a lifesaver.

I am a buyer.

Will they make the stores they gird?

They are always crowded.

— will they make the stores bigger?

You can have a separate line just for you.

Doesn’t he look familiar?

Wasn’t he the guy who ran blackberry?

Why didn’t he do this at blackberry of this was such a great idea?

I agree.

He ran the company into the ground.

He did not run it into the ground.

He kind of left the ship when it was sinking.

It was already on its way.

This could be a promotion.

Number three as western union.

It might be the next target of activist investors.

That has a vulnerable board and eight lagging stock price, pretty much valued at no more than when it was spun off by first data.

We don’t want to give any activist investors ideas.

This is where they get their ideas.

This has been picked up on before.

There was a research report that said the entire board is up for reelection early next year.

This means it’s easier to get rid of the entire board rather than having to wait for individuals to jump off.

Now activist has mentioned this.

–no activist has mentioned this.

The first one of the holders who has his eye on this is warren buffett.

Brand name,knowable business, in the united states — will it be viable longer as it competes with apple pay and other mobile payment options?

Perhaps i am the activist investor.

Number two is target out with better than estimated third-quarter earnings.

Sales grew faster than expanded destin expected and there’s passionate to canada is better than expected.

It seems like brian cornell is the ceo that has been able to do something at target that others have not.

It has been a slow decline for quite some time.

It appears his strategy seems to be working for now.

. is just the economy a rising tide lifts all boats.

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