Different Ideas For How To Use Microbeads Pillow For Company Promotions

If you’re looking for a fun promotional gift that will stand out from the crowd, why not try a microbead pillow? These promotional gifts are fun and creative, and much more exciting than a standard pillow, key-ring or pen, and they’re more practical too. Most people won’t wear promotional t-shirts all that often, because they don’t want to be a walking advertisement for another company. There are only so many key-rings that people can use, and while pens are always handy, they’re not something that people pay a lot of attention to. In contrast, microbead pillows will get used a lot, and are always appreciated.

Simple Printed Pillows

The most affordable, simple, and arguably useful microbead pillow is the standard-sized rectangular pillow. This can be used as a cushion, a travel pillow, a neck support or a decoration. These pillows are comfortable, useful, and can have almost any design printed on them, making them a memorable gift and a great promotional tool.

Character Pillows

If your company has a mascot, why not make it into a pillow? Or, if your logo is a relatively simple shape, turn that into a pillow. This is a great way to promote your brand, and it will put a smile on the face of the people you give the gift to. Character pillows are memorable not just because they are unusual, but also because they are tactile. Most people love to play with things, and if you create a small character pillow (even if it’s just the size of a bean bag, so that people can throw it around the office), you will have a promotional gift that will serve as a great post-trade show talking point for your clients and other conference attendees.

Neck Pillows For Cars

Neck pillows are something that every executive, travelling salesman and road warrior will appreciate. Because they have a standardized design, it is fairly easy to find a company that will supply blank ones for you, and they are fairly easy to have your design printed on them. There are even some companies that offer sublimation printing for pillows, ensuring that you get a long-lasting, high quality design that you can hand out with pride.

Finding The Best Supplier

Before choosing a supplier of microbeads pillows, talk to a few different printing companies. Order some samples and look at the quality. Make sure that the printing is resilient, that the colors are strong and do not bleed, and that the printing is not likely to chip, flake or peel. Pay extra for sublimation printing of the option is available, because transfer-style printing is likely to peel off in the first wash, or if the pillow gets stretched during use.

Microbead pillows are just one of many potential gifts that you could hand out at trade shows and conferences. Other great ideas include lighters, flasks, wallets and memory sticks. By putting some thought into your promotional gifts you can be confident that you will create something that everyone will appreciate.

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