EISER Infrastructure Partners announces acquisition of EISER Global Infrastructure Fund

EISER Infrastructure Partners has announced the acquisition of the general partner of the EISER Global Infrastructure Fund (formerly ABN AMRO Global Infrastructure Fund) from Fortis Investments. EISER’s team is set to transfer to the new entity. EISER Infrastructure Partners is owned by Hans Meissner, Hafeez Ahmed, Jaime Hector and Vivian Nicoli. EISER Infrastructure Limited, which is wholly owned by EISER Infrastructure Partnership, was originally developed by ABN AMRO in 2005 as a third-party Global Infrastructure Fund before being acquired by Fortis Investments during the Consortium take-over of ABN AMRO in 2008.

It will continue to manage the EISER Global Infrastructure Fund on behalf of its 19 institutional investors. EISER currently manages eight investments – seven in Europe and one in Australia – with a combined enterprise value of over EUR 3 billion. BNP Paribas will remain one of the Fund’s investors and a member of the Fund’s advisory board. EISER stated that it is in the process of launching a follow-on fund, “Fund II”, which will target a similar size and be managed according to a similar strategy as its existing Fund. Fund II will target EUR 1 billion in equity capital commitments from third-party investors and will aim to invest the majority of this capital in European infrastructure assets. The Partnership stated that it was encouraged by the strong support for its investment platform from its existing investor base, as well as from other interested investors. BNP Paribas stated that although it was no longer a parent sponsor of Fund II, it would look to invest in Fund II, with a commitment of EUR 100 million. Fortis Investments stated that it wishes to ensure a smooth transition to the Partnership ownership structure by allowing EISER to use, wherever necessary, services such as IT for a 12-month transition period.

Notes for Editors

The EISER Fund, with over Eur 1.1 billion in committed capital, is managed by EISER Infrastructure Limited, a separately FSA regulated entity owned by EISER Infrastructure Partners. The current 10 year closed-end Fund, developed in 2005, invests in infrastructure assets globally, with a particular focus in Europe. The Fund’s investor base is made-up of institutional investors, such as pension funds, life insurance companies, and other financial institutions, from Europe and Japan.

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