Fiat to Forge Joint Venture in Russia

FiatSpA of Italy and Russian auto maker Sollers are forming a joint venture to produce Fiat cars in Russia, a spokesman for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday. Mr. Putin plans to visit Sollers’s plant in Naberezhniye Chelny on Thursday, said the spokesman. [Read the full article]

Before Toyota arrived here more than two decades ago, Georgetown was a sleepy town of 10,000. Its population has since swelled to 25,000, and most of those people owe their livelihood to the sprawling Toyota plant outside of town on Cherry Blossom Way. The lunch crowd at Fava’s restaurant in the heart of Georgetown. The town and the automaker are inextricably linked the first Camry built here rolled off the assembly line in 1988. George Lusby, the county judge executive, said;Toyotas past will take care of its future. The mayor, Karen Tingle-Sames, said, Really, the community has a lot of confidence in Toyota, that they will be able to work through and fix everything they need to fix and get on top of everything. I think they can get it worked out, said Jeni Gruchow, co-owner of Fava restaurant in the heart of town. It happens to other companies. [Read the full article]

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Toyota Motor recall is spreading, writes Reuters Soyoung Kim in Detroit today, citing documents obtained from dealers in the U.S. that show the Japanese automaker is set to recall 7,314 2010 Camry sedans. Toyota said the 2010 Camrys equipped with a 4-cylinder engine might have a shorter-than-required power steering pressure hose in the engine compartment. That could deplete the brake fluid, increasing the brake pedal stroke and making it more difficult and requiring more time to stop the vehicle, Toyota said. The report follows on Toyota news today that it will recall 2009 and 2010 Prius hybrid vehicles over a problem with the braking system, and last night announcement the company has resumed production of vehicles affected by an accelerator pedal problem in the U.S. Intalling shorter pressure hoses saves money. Less fluid on 5 or 6 million cars saves a lot of fluid and money. That is if you don’t get caught. [Read the full article]

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