Intellectual Property In China: Lots Of Theft, But Hopeful Signs

Some say Chinese courts do little to stop the pirating of U.S. products like iPhones and movie DVDs. They also say China pushes U.S. and other foreign firms to transfer technology to Chinese companies, which then steal their IP.

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“From the enforcement side, the common wisdom is that IP enforcement still lags significantly in China,” said Todd Dickinson, a former undersecretary of commerce for IP, now executive director of the 16,000-member American Intellectual Property Law Association in Arlington, Va.

Others say China is making headway in shielding Western patents, trademarks, copyrights and other trade secrets from theft. Among other things, they cite the surging number of IP lawsuits in China.

There’s plenty at stake, including whether foreigners regard China as a legally secure place to invest and do business. If they don’t, some might consider exiting the Chinese market altogether. [Read the full article]

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