Personal Finance Daily: Coupons for your funeral, what not to buy your spouse for the holidays

Hello, MarketWatchers.

10 weird coupon offers—for circumcisions, zombie fights and more

Thanks to a surge in coupon websites, you can now get a coupon for just about anything, including circumcisions, zombie fights and your own funeral.

What not to buy your spouse this holiday season

No, men don’t really want cologne or accessories. And women prefer gift cards.

Do you need to change your Dropbox password?

Fears of a Dropbox data breach were sparked when a few hundred username and password combinations were posted to Reddit Oct. 13.

How Aunt Barbara fought Facebook and got her name back

The biggest Tupperware seller in the U.S. welcomes a Facebook policy change.

A day in the life of a debt collector

While many would like to believe debt collectors are criminals, thugs and drug addicts, the majority of the 369,000 employees of the debt collection industry are probably your neighbors and friends.

S&P 500 snaps 3-day losing streak

Tuesday’s moves marked the first time the market closed mostly flat after registering wild swings in the previous five sessions.

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