Personal Finance Daily: The biggest money worries, and the next 11 states to legalize marijuana

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Don’t pay off your student loans — yet

If you burn all your cash paying off low-interest loans, you’re left with no assets to borrow against.

Home renters face biggest price hike in seven years

Americans who rent instead of owning are still on track to face the biggest increase in housing costs in seven years.

This is the biggest money worry in your state…

Two-thirds of Midwest states said retirement planning is their biggest challenge.

Gender wage gap narrows

But only by one cent.

The next 11 states that will legalize marijuana

Here are the states where possession of small amounts of marijuana is not punishable by jail and where medical marijuana is currently legal.

Book holiday travel now to save hundreds recently released data showing the best times to fly around the holidays and found that in some cases, flying on peak days can double your fare.

America’s most (and least) affordable housing markets

Some people spend up to 77% of their income on their mortgage.

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