Personal Finance Daily: The trick to score hundreds from your credit card company, females CEOs replacing men

Hello, MarketWatchers.

A low-tech trick to score an extra $ 300+ from your credit card company

How to max out the amount of cash your credit card companies hand you each year.

Obama proposes healthier eating rules for daycares

There are six main reasons why American children have fattened up. Kool-Aid Burst Cherry and Kraft Mac & Cheese are not the best of foods.

Never pay full price for movie tickets again

A guide to the discounts.

The number of female CEOs replacing men surges 70%

Turnover among the nation’s CEOs reached a six-year high last year.

7 tips for first-time home sellers

A number of economists are forecasting an increase in home sales this year. Here’s how to prepare if you are one of those sellers.

Cut like a Swiss knife

The Swiss National Bank eliminated its cap against the euro, ending more than three years of calm waters for the Swiss foreign-exchange markets.

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