PSMI 18th Annual Conference in Albuquerque, N.M.

Last weekend, PrimeSource Mortgage, Inc. held their 18th annual conference. There were over 120 participants attending including the majority of the branch owners from the 35 offices around the country, as well as many of their Realtor referral partners. The conference was a monumental success, and considered the best ever.

The conference included some incredible speakers including Dr. Steve Greene, dean of the School of Business at Oral Roberts University, Greg Frost, one of the largest mortgage producers in the country, and several other industry leading speakers.

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During the conference, many of the changes occurring in the mortgage industry were discussed at length. [Read the full article]

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If the financial history of the globe is a topic of interest to you Hank Paulsons new book, On The Brink is a must read. Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke were central players in that part of our history, but after reading this book you come away with the conclusion that it was Paulson who was pulling the strings every inch of the way. There were some aspects of the book that I found to be not credible; there was one critical section that I thought the facts were a bit distorted. I think there was one part of the story that was omitted. As a result I was left questioning how many other aspects of this story were ‘skewed’. Start with what I think is an indisputable fact. Hank Paulson is one of the smartest financial guys in the world. He is one of the top investment bankers; he knows debt and corporate finance as well as anyone. Throughout his book Hank demonstrates his knowledge and establishes the fact that he knows everyone in the game on a first name basis. [Read the full article]

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Should Greenspan and Bernanke have seen the bubble in housing and other assets and acted, or should we accept their defense that you can’t know whether there’s a bubble until after the fact? We’ll look at research that suggests they should have known, and at the least, policy makers should no longer be allowed to say, “How could I have known. Of course, the employment numbers came out Feb. 5, and the results were mixed; but that’s better than they’ve been for the past two years. We dig into the numbers to see what they’re really saying. And finally, we examine why the markets are so volatile. Is it just Greece, or is there more? There’s a lot of very interesting, and important, material to cover.Unemployment Numbers: A Mixed BagJanuary employment numbers are characteristically volatile, as the birth/death ratio numbers are typically the largest of the year. [Read the full article]

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