The Margin: Newly single dad discovers the joys of wholesale in his first trip to Costco

By now, the shine of a 7-pound tub of Nutella and a $ 1.50 hot dog (soda included) has probably worn off for most of us veteran Costco shoppers. But let’s dial back the clock to the very first time we were introduced to bulk bacon, burgers and batteries.

Once, we were all Tom Musto.

Dubbed the “Hot Costco Dad,” Musto recently made his inaugural trip to Costco COST, -0.23% and his joyous discovery of $ 8 sausages, discount water and huge jars of marinara sauce was captured by his son, who posted the footage on social media, much to the delight of even the most cynical Twitter TWTR, -2.66%  lurkers.

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Here’s Musto’s viral clip, which has blown up in a big way on Reddit and has been viewed more than 5 million times this week:

Calling it “Costcos” might be the most dad part of the video.

According to his son TJ Musto, “hot Costco dad” generally throws big dinners on Sunday night with ingredients bought from the local supermarket. But this time, a friend took him to Costco and opened his eyes to the wonderful world of wholesale.

“He called me when he was there and said, ‘TJ, have you ever heard of Costco?’” his son told Mashable after the video started gaining traction. “I laughed and said, ‘Yes, dad, everyone’s heard of Costco.’”

On Reddit, it was a reason to celebrate Costco, as the praise rolled in:

Hail Kirkland, the God of plenitude.

Costco Return Policy — when he finds out how great it is — he will flip with joy.

A Costco trip is every dad’s weekend highlight.

But on Twitter, Tom and his single status seemed to be the focus:

As for all the attention, TJ says it’s working for his dad.

“I’m always trying to up his confidence,” he told Mashable. “He loves it, even though he’s trying to downplay it all. He’s real humble.” – Top Stories

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