The Wall Street Journal: Elon Musk reveals Neuralink plans, including his third CEO role

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk on Thursday confirmed plans for his newest company, called Neuralink Corp., revealing he will be the chief executive of a startup that aims to merge computers with brains so humans could one day engage in “consensual telepathy.”

Speaking to writer Tim Urban on the explainer website Wait But Why, Musk confirmed a Wall Street Journal report last month that Neuralink aims to implant tiny brain electrodes that first would be used to fight brain conditions but later help humanity avoid subjugation at the hands of intelligent machines. 

A Neuralink spokesman said Musk plans to serve as the chief executive, adding another CEO role to his already busy schedule running electric-car maker Tesla Inc. TSLA, -0.99%   and rocket company Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Musk couldn’t be reached for comment through the spokesman.

Neuralink’s goals are arguably bolder than Tesla’s plans of mass-market electric vehicles or SpaceX’s ambitions to send humans to Mars. As Musk describes it, Neuralink wants to develop brain interfaces that would effectively replace human language as we know it.

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