The Wall Street Journal: Hurricane Harvey pounds Texas

ALICE, Texas—Hurricane Harvey pounded Texas on Saturday with torrential rain and high winds, threatening catastrophic flooding, though the storm gradually lost strength after hitting the coast late Friday.

By daybreak, after a night of rattling winds and sheets of rain, Harvey had been downgraded to a Category 1 storm from a Category 4, according to the National Weather Service. But the storm was expected to settle in over South Texas for several days, and forecasters warned it could bring up to 40 inches of rain in some places and potentially cause devastating flooding in cities like Houston.

On Saturday, emergency workers and police fanned out across coastal communities of Corpus Christi and Rockport to assess the damage, but conditions were making such operations difficult. No fatalities were immediately reported from the storm, the first substantial hurricane to hit Texas since Hurricane Ike struck the Gulf Coast in 2008. The last Category 4 storm to hit Texas was Hurricane Carla in 1961, according to the National Weather Service.

“This is going to be a very major disaster,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday, hours before the storm hit between Port Aransas, just outside Corpus Christi, and Port O’Connor, to the north.

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