The Wall Street Journal: Trump administration details $50 billion in tariffs against imports from China

WASHINGTON — In the U.S.’s most powerful challenge in decades to China’s economic practices, the Trump administration detailed the $ 50 billion of goods that it plans to hit with 25% tariffs unless Beijing makes major trade and investment concessions soon.

The imports targeted for levies reached across the U.S. economy, from high-tech industries like medicine, aviation and semiconductor machinery to intermediate goods like machinery and chemicals, according to the U.S. Trade Representative. Consumer standards such as dishwashers, snow plows and motorcycles were also targeted.

Read the full list of proposed tariffs.

None of the tariffs go into effect immediately. Instead, U.S. companies have until May 22 to raise objections to the proposed tariffs, with a public hearing on the issue is scheduled for May 15. USTR has been trying to create a list that would maximize harm to China and minimize disruption to U.S. industry and consumers.

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