ubroadcast Entertainment Group to Launch New Film Platform Site

ubroadcast, inc. (OTC.BB:UBCINews), the fastest growing leader in Internet Broadcasting, announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, ubroadcast Entertainment Group, is working in collaboration with its Talent and Literary agency, Don Buchwald and Associates (www.buchwald.com), for the creation and launch of a new broadcast site for featuring independent films.

Since creation of the site is in full development mode, the Company anticipates providing further information about the significance of this new project as they draw closer to their launch date, which is expected in March 2010.

Joe Yukich, President of ubroadcast Entertainment Group, commented, “We are very excited about this new project and the entire team is working on all creative, technical and operational cylinders to get the new site up and flourishing. While multiple party collaborations force me to keep many of the specific details confidential until its official release, I know that key aspects of this major undertaking, directly complements the original ubroadcast.com live video site.”

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Mr. Yukich concluded, “We have secured some tremendous film content in preparation for site launch through various partnerships and invaluable relationships we have developed throughout the industry. Additionally, we expect to announce several new additions to ubroadcast Entertainment Group’s management team, as maximizing the depth of our success upon launch is paramount.”

John Castiglione, President of parent company ubroadcast, inc., said, “The launch of this new premium programming site by our wholly-owned subsidiary, should also leverage several new technologies that we are anticipating from our recently announced letter of intent to aquire iVU Media Corp., who also represents an impressive client list, including; Fox Sports, Ford, Sony and Honda.”

In conclusion, Mr. Castiglione states, “Since Joe Yukich took over the helm at ubroadcast Entertainment Group in the fourth quarter of 2009, progress has indeed been rapid. Obviously our expectations are high, as this is the same Joe Yukich who was formerly the COO of Motown Filworks & Animation and Senior VP at parent company Motown Records.”

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About ubroadcast, inc.

UBCI’s ubroadcast.com allows users to produce and broadcast LIVE and On Demand television and radio in high quality. By blending this user-generated content and UBCI’s own original programming in a single application, UBCI bridges the gap between Internet video and traditional network radio and television.

Rolling Stone magazine, About.com, TechCrunch.com, and ABC News have all given ubroadcast media attention, and The San Diego Business Journal headline stated that the market for ubroadcast programs could be “Larger than MySpace and YouTube.”

UBCI encourages interested businesses and others to visit www.ubroadcast.com to get a free account and try its exciting new broadcasting platform.

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