WellPoint reaffirmed their 2010 guidance,

WellPoint reaffirmed their 2010 guidance, but please note that excludes any kind of health care reform. If we get a big health care package, that would change the guidance.” — CNBCs Squawk on the Street 3/17/2010 Healthcare investors and investors in general must pay attention to the daily news flow out of Washington because the outcome of ongoing healthcare reform will have a substantial impact on a sizable portion of the US economy.

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On this blog, we aim to remove politics from the discussion and rather focus on financial matters, but in the case of healthcare the two are undeniably linked. No sector will be more impacted by healthcare reform than insurance plan providers such as WellPoint, United Healthcare, and Aetna. Today, one such HMO provider, WellPoint (WLP), reaffirmed its fiscal 2010 guidance, which shows fundamentally speaking the stock looks quite cheap compared to historical norms. [Read the full article]

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