Minecraft Creator Wins Bidding War Against Beyonce, Jay Z


Remember that ridiculously priced, $ 85 million Los Angeles property with its own candy shop, car showroom and vodka bar? The one that Beyonce and Jay Z reportedly were this close to scooping up for less than the asking price.

Well, The Carters have lost the eight-bedroom, 15-bath house to Minecraft creator and Swedish billionaire Markus Persson. Persson, flush with Microsoft money from the $ 2.5 billion sale of his Mojang company, paid $ 70 million for the manse in the Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills, according to the John Aaroe Group, which listed the house.

Cases of Dom Perignon were part of the deal, but we don’t know if Persson gave the sparkly to developer Bruce Makowsky to win the bidding war that erupted around the property, or if Makowsky presented the bubbly to Persson after he closed on the deal in just six days.


The 23,000 square-foot furnished house includes:

  • Vodka and tequila bars.
  • Candy room.
  • An 18-seat tiered screening room.
  • An 18-foot onyx dining room table for 24 including place settings by Roberto Cavalli at $ 3,700 each.
  • A replica of James Dean’s motorcycle and a chromed Ma Deuce machine gun.

Except for the money, Persson, 35, doesn’t seem like Beverly Hills stock. He’s publicly known by his gaming handle, “Notch,” and was recently described in a Rolling Stone profile as, “bald and bulky, with a brown, scraggly beard, wearing a navy polo shirt and jeans, with a small tobacco pouch shoved under his top lip.”

Of course, all that Minecraft money can pay for a trainer and a few million nicotine pouches.

Minecraft, Notch’s brainchild, enables gamers to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D-generated world. As of October, more than 60 million Minecraft games across all gaming platforms had been sold.

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