Need a Lift? Get Free Uber Rides With $799,000 Condo

Sean Poreda via ZillowThis one-bedroom San Francisco condo has classic style but the seller chose a gimmick to make up for what’s missing.

By Melissa Allison

What does $ 799,000 get you in San Francisco these days?

How about an 894-square-foot condo in the Marina District with no parking space — but a year’s worth of rides with Uber instead, up to $ 5,000 worth.

Another unit with the exact same layout sold six months ago for about $ 220,000 over asking,” says listing agent Rick Kaluza. “But it had a parking spot.”

Kaluza and the owner, a commercial real estate broker, were discussing the listing and a blog post that said people in urban areas such as San Francisco aren’t going to need cars anymore. Uber and Google driverless cars are taking over, they figured — and that’s when the marketing gimmick came to them.

The deal has gotten lots of media attention, just like the Phoenix listing that was offered with two Super Bowl tickets and the Long Island home that included a year’s worth of chef, driver and housekeeping services.

In Phoenix, that offer did not translate into a contract before the big game. But Kaluza thinks his Uber enticement will lead to more action by Wednesday, when he and the owner are sitting down to look at offers.

“Everybody is all over this right now,” he says.

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