‘Up’ House Set to be Auctioned

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Getty ImagesA developer offered Edith Macefield $ 1 million for her house. She turned it down and the building went up around her.

Edith Macefield’s circa 1900s farmhouse in Seattle, which became famous when Macefield refused to take $ 1 million from an urban developer planning to tear it down, may be going on the auction block, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The current owner reportedly owes $ 185,956 on the property, and unless he pays the debt, the property will be auctioned at 10 a.m. on March 13.

Macefield received worldwide attention in 2006 when she refused to sell her 1,000-square-foot home, which stood in the way of a commercial development. So the developer of Ballard Blocks built a five-story office and retail building around her.


Disney capitalized on the Macefield buzz and tied balloons to the house in 2009 to promote “Up,” a film about a man who uses balloons to lift his home out of the way of development. (Don’t remember? See the trailer here.)

Macefield, who was more a homebody than an anti-development protestor, died in 2008 at 86. She left the house in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle to the new building’s construction superintendent, Barry Martin, who had been kind to her during construction. Martin sold it to Reach Returns in 2009, which provides real estate coaching. According to a foreclosure report, Reach Returns owner Greg Pinneo must pay the money he owes on the property, or it will be auctioned.

The Post-Intelligencer said one possible solution is that the owner of Ballard Blocks will buy the site and incorporate it into the new building, which was designed to someday expand onto the property.

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