Jackson’s ex-girlfriend claims assault

The St. Louis Rams say they are “aware” of a police report that claims running back Steven Jackson assaulted his former girlfriend when she was nine months pregnant.


S. Jackson

The criminal complaint, filed with the Las Vegas Police Department on Wednesday, claims that Jackson pushed Supriya Harris to the ground and “flung” her against a door. The statement said that Harris was bleeding after the altercation, which ended when a relative told Jackson to stop. Harris claimed in the statement that Jackson was immediately apologetic.


There is a second report from the woman’s mother, also dated Wednesday. TMZ.com and CBSSports.com both posted copies of the report on Thursday.

“It’s disheartening that I have to address any alleged allegations 10 months later, but I have read the accusations made by Supriya Harris, and they are untrue,” Jackson said in a statement Thursday. “The accusations are especially hurtful because those who truly know me know that those actions would be out of character for me. Miss Harris is the mother of my son, a son that I love and that I willingly support emotionally and financially. I will address this matter thoroughly through the appropriate avenues, but not through the media. “

Jackson has not been arrested or charged. The baby was born less than two weeks after the alleged incident, according to Harris’ statement. The statement also said she left Jackson four months later after another argument.

“We are in the process of gathering information,” Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo said in a statement released by the team. “We are always concerned with issues involving our players.”

Jackson, who was born in Las Vegas and played high school football there, ran for 1,416 yards this season for the Rams. He’s run for 6,707 yards in his six-year professional career, all with St. Louis.

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