Romo: ‘Going to win a Super Bowl next year’

Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas Cowboys reporter


  • Covered NFL since 1997, Cowboys since 2003
  • Previously covered Bengals and Dolphins
  • Lives in Dallas area with his wife and two children

IRVING, Texas — In the past Tony Romo has said almost casually the Dallas Cowboys will win a Super Bowl with him as the quarterback.

After receiving the Nancy Lieberman Lifetime Achievement Award at the Dream Ball Gala in Dallas recently, Romo made another passing reference to bringing the Cowboys their first Super Bowl since 1995.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo says he wants to win a Super Bowl “for the people around me who have helped me.” Rob Carr/Getty Images

This time he put a time stamp on it at the close of a 10-minute speech about the value of needing others to help you achieve a goal. Romo reiterated his desire to win a championship not just for himself but for Jason Witten, Jason Garrett and the Jones family.

“I literally want to win it so bad for them, for the people around me who have helped me,” Romo said. “They’ve allowed me to achieve my dreams and my goals. Without them, I’m not there, I promise you. I’m not where I’m at right now and I’m not going where I’m going.”

As he thanked those who selected him for the award he said, “This award is very meaningful to me, mostly because I get to be associated with this and to be associated with Nancy. It’s incredible and I really appreciate you, and we’re going to win a Super Bowl next year. Thank you.”

It was hardly Joe Namath-worthy or even akin to Jimmy Johnson’s “put it in three-inch headlines” guarantee before the 1993 NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers.

But it was a sign of Romo’s belief the Cowboys’ 2014 success will lead to bigger things in 2015. – TOP

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