13 Celebrities Who Have Been Kicked Off an Airplane

James Kennedy, Blac Chyna, Alec Baldwin

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The saying goes “fight or flight,” but for some Hollywood stars, it’s fight and flight.

Earlier this week, Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy was booted from a Southwest Airlines flight in Las Vegas for acting too intoxicated. Apparently, Kennedy and co-star LaLa Kent got into a screaming argument at the airport and right before the gate to their flight to Los Angeles was closed, an airline worker told Kennedy he could not board the plane because he was too drunk.

The incident got us thinking about all the other times celebrities have been kicked off their flight for acting a little too crazy. From Ivanka Trump to Naomi Campbell, Blac Chyna to Alec Baldwin, there have been quite some altercations.

Here are 13 times different celebrities have been given the boot from a flight:


Vanderpump Rules‘ James Kennedy Kicked Off Flight

Christian Slater

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1. Christian Slater: In an unthinkable move these days, the actor boarded his flight with an unlicensed pistol in his luggage in 1994. He was then arrested and sentenced to three days of community service.

Courtney Love

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2. Courtney Love: The singer was escorted off at plane at Heathrow airport after getting into a verbal spat on a Virgin Atlantic plane in 2003.

David Hasselhoff

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3. David Hasselhoff: In 2006, the actor was banned from a British Airways flight at Heathrow airport that was bound for Los Angeles for being too drunk. The flight was at 7 a.m.

Naomi Campbell, 2008

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4. Naomi Campbell: Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Naomi Cambell? Cue the Entire British Airways staff. In 2008, Cambell flew into a rage blackout when she discovered her bags didn’t make the same flight she was on.  The supermodel was asked to deplane but she didn’t go quietly. Instead, she had to be dragged off the plane by the police after she allegedly kicked and spat at them.

Ivanka Trump

Jackson Lee / Splash News

5. Ivanka Trump: In 2009, the socialite threw a nasty fit over some boisterous children on her flight and ended up screaming profanities at them, calling them “little f–kers.” Needless to say, she was escorted off the flight. Ironic, as she now has three little ones!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

AP Photo/Dan Steinberg

6. Jonathan Rhys Meyers: The year: 2010. The place: first class lounge. The behavior: drunken slob-kabob.  The Tudors star had so much fun waiting to board his flight that by the time he got to the gate, the party was already over. Attendants saw his condition, described him as belligerent and disruptive and immediately turned him away. Meyers got into a scuffle with the attendants and is now banned for life from flying United Airlines.

Josh Duhamel

Virgin America/Bob Riha, Jr.

7. Josh Duhamel: Taking a flight from New York to Lexington, Ky., in 2010, he refused to turn off his BlackBerry as the plane was already taxing down the runway. After throwing a tantrum, the pilot ended up having to turn the plane around just so Josh could be escorted off.

Alec Baldwin


8. Alec Baldwin: Alec doesn’t like when his kids don’t answer his calls, he doesn’t like paparazzi, and he really doesn’t like it when anyone tells him to stop playing Words With Friends.  Flying from NYC to LA in 2011, the actor was asked to hold off playing the game while the plane took off. Instead of following flight protocol, he began tweeting about the audacity of the flight attendants and was promptly given the boot.

ESC, History of Guyliner, Billie Joe Armstrong, 2004

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9. Billie Joe Armstrong: In 2011, a Southwest flight attendant told the Green Day frontman to pull up his sagging pants while boarding a flight from Oakland to LA. An argument ensued, and eventually he was kicked off the plane.

Amanda Bynes


10. Amanda Bynes: In May 2013, the troubled star was kicked off a flight when she didn’t have a valid I.D. She told the pilot to “google her,” but things exactly didn’t work in her favor. She did not get on the flight.

Conrad Hilton Jr.

WAB/Splash News

11. Conrad Hilton: The Hilton heir allegedly threatened the British Airways crew during a 2015 transatlantic flight. He called fellow passengers peasants (among other bratty outbursts) and eventually had to be restrained to his seat. The law was waiting for him upon arrival. 

Kate Moss


12. Kate Moss: In 2015, the supermodel was kicked off an EasyJet flight after throwing a tantrum when flight attendants refused to serve her alcohol. She was quickly escorted off the plane by authorities.

Blac Chyna, Mug Shot

Austin Police Dept.

13. Blac Chyna: The soon-to-be Kardashian was arrested at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in January 2016 after getting into a drunken argument with a flight attendant. She was arrested that night for public intoxication, and Rob Kardashian ended up bailing her out.

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