25 Secrets About The Santa Clause Revealed

4. Jeff Daniels, Stanley Tucci, and Bradley Whitford were considered for the role of Neal Miller, which Judge Reinhold nabbed, appearing in all three films.

5. Allen’s Home Improvement wife Patricia Clarkson and Patricia Heaton were considered for the role of Laura, with Wendy Crewson ultimately landing the role of Scott’s ex-wife.

6. The hardest role to cast was Charlie, Scott’s son as they were looking for a child actor between the ages of 6 and 9 “who had sensitivity, able to really access those emotions, but have a real innocence about him,” the casting director said of the nationwide search, with the production team launching open auditions in 13 different cities before finding Eric Lloyd.

7. During filming, Lloyd had to wear fake teeth after knocking out his front teeth when he went to a baseball game with his family. Oh, and that poster image of Scott and Charlie? It wasn’t actually Lloyd’s body, with the actor revealing on Reddit, “It’s some other kid standing behind a cutout of Tim Allen. And they just put my face on it. So they didn’t have to pay me for another day.”

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