A Scary Horse on Pretty Little Liars, Seven Minutes in Heaven (x3) on Finding Carter & More OMG TV Moments

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It’s Ladies’ Night, ya’ll! We’ve got some Pretty Little Liars, some Finding Carter, and some Real Housewives of New York, fresh off the heels of last week’s infamous leg-throwing. Nobody died, but there was some lip-locking, and somebody was nearly attacked by a horse, so it was a pretty good night. Read on for all the juicy details!

Pretty Little Liars: Poor Hanna! She’s got a drinking problem, she’s in the middle of an identity crisis, Alison’s now staying in her house, Zack is hitting on her, and Aria doesn’t believe that her mother’s fiancé would do such a thing if Hanna didn’t provoke it. Plus, her mom seems to care more about Ali than she does about Hanna, and everything just basically sucks.

At the very least, there wasn’t actually a murderer in her house! Ali asked Noel to break in with a knife to help convince Hanna’s mom that there’s a murderer after Ali. It totally worked, but it was totally cruel. We almost bought Ali’s little sleeping-in-a-cabinet charade, too. 

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Aria, meanwhile, found out from Big Rhonda that Mrs. D had regularly visited Bethany, signed her out of the hospital, and given her expensive gifts, like a pony, which seems a tad unreasonable. Emily and Spencer later visited the stable Mrs. D and Bethany apparently frequented and found Melissa’s riding helmet right before A locked them in with a horse during a thunderstorm. Being trapped with a horse during a thunderstorm has now been added to our list of biggest fears (along with being buried alive and being stalked by letters).

Finding Carter: After Max told Carter that Lori had big plans for them to run away together, Carter went in search of a criminal who could help her track down another criminal, which involved spending the day with Elizabeth. They took a ride in a police car, learned how to use a battering ram, and visited a crime scene. It sounds a bit gruesome, but it was truly sweet, and Elizabeth thanked Carter for a day she thought she would never have.

Taylor, meanwhile, got a bit adventurous during a game of Spin the Bottle. She went from never having been kissed to making out with Ofe, Gabe, and Max in the same night with some slight rigging of the game by Carter. Her seven minutes with Max seemed to go especially well, and they ended up leaving together! 

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Real Housewives of New York: After last week’s legendary leg-throwing incident, it was time for part one of the reunion special. Of course, Aviva‘s dramatics were discussed, with no one able to remember the last time asthma prevented anyone from going to Montana, or anywhere, for that matter. Other topics of discussion? Aviva’s creepy dad and his creepily younger girlfriend, Kristen’s boob job, Aviva using profanity in front of Kristen’s kids, LuAnn being OK with being called “LuMan,” and that darn gossipy facialist, among others.

As for the best moment of the night, we’re partial to Sonja referring to herself as a private person. She was talking about her business ventures, and obviously not about her sex life, because we know more about that than we ever really wanted to know. The other women all agreed that Sonja is a lovely person, but completely delusional. Aviva doesn’t think Sonja’s delusional, but Aviva is her own special brand of delusional, so we’re not surprised. 

America’s Got Talent It’s finally down to the quarter finals, and there were a few standouts among the 12 acts that performed tonight. One of them would be Emily West, if it weren’t for the fact that someone in our neighborhood listens to “Chandelier” at top volume four times a day, so we’re sort of over it (or do we love it? We’ll never tell). We’re also sort of a fan of Dan Naturman, but how many “awkward New York dude” comedians do we really need?

So what did you watch tonight? Do you think Ali can be trusted or is she totally twisted? Just how delusional is Sonja, exactly? Who was your favorite on America’s Got Talent? Sound off in the comments! 

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