An Artist Drew Shia LaBeouf as All 13 Doctors From Doctor Who and It’s Weirdly Beautiful

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeoufBrandon Bird

We don’t know if we’re extremely offended by this or completely entranced by this. As Doctor Who fans, we are appalled that our precious Doctors have been defiled by Shia “Rat Tail” LaBeouf. But the person inside us who loves weird crap like this thinks it’s awesome.

Artist Brandon Bird threw out a challenge of sorts for himself back in September when he kind of dared himself to a take on the artwork seen at places like Comic-Con of all 13 Doctors from the long-running BBC series.

“How angry would people be if I drew Shia LaBeouf dressed as The Doctor,” he tweeted back in September, followed by: “That settles it, going to do a takeoff of the “every Doctor” poster every artist at a comic con does, but with Shia LaBeouf as each Doctor.”

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Shia LaBeoufBrandon Bird

Apparently he was joking at the time, but his followers must have been foaming at the mouth for those drawings because here they are, in all their glorious form.

Every year at Comic-con, people ask, ‘Do you have any Doctor Who stuff?’ Well I did it, just for you guys! America’s greatest hero ‘mashed up’ with Britain’s favorite Time Lord!” Brandon writes on his website. 

Every single incarnation of the Doctor has been given the Shia treatment, from William Hartnell as the First Doctor all the way to the present Doctor, Peter Capaldi. If you have ever imagined Shia dressed up as Matt Smith and David Tennant‘s Doctors, look no further.

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Shia LaBeoufBrandon Bird

You can even order prints, posters or even own an original drawing of Doctor Shia at Brandon’s website. It’s a great deal, except for one catch.

“This is a rare chance to own a Brandon Bird painting for a fraction of their usual cost,” Bird writes. “The only catch is that they’re paintings of Shia LaBeouf.”

If you hate seeing Shia’s face on the Doctors’ bodies, just hop in your Tardis and go back to September 2014 to stop Brandon from even coming up with this idea.

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