Arrow at Comic-Con: Get Scoop on a Two-Hour Flash Crossover, Oliver and Felicity’s Romance and More!

Get ready, Arrow fans, because all your dreams are coming true.

Felicity and Oliver’s first date (*internal screaming*) isn’t the only thing coming to Starling City for season 3, as we learned at today’s San Diego Comic Con panel, featuring Stephen Amell, John Barrowman, Colton Haynes, Paul Blackthorne, David Ramsay, and Willa Holland, along with executive producers Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, and Greg Berlanti.

While season two ended on a relatively happy note, compared to the death and destruction at the end of season one, Oliver’s “happy ending” isn’t going to last for long, as the third season will explore the price of his victory, according to the show’s producers.

First, let’s talk about everybody’s favorite MIT graduate. While Felicity is not looking so good in the trailer above, she will probably be ok, and she and Oliver will, in fact, go on their first date this season. But the question is, how does it go?

“Horribly!” said Stephen Amell, but we hope he was joking.

Berlanti assured us that Oliver does have real feelings for Miss Smoak, and that they weren’t trying to totally break our hearts when Oliver admitted feelings for Felicity just to bait Slade.

“We weren’t trying to fake anybody out,” Berlanti said to a slightly disbelieving audience, “We will deal with that this year.” 

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So what could the cast tell us about the date?

“They go for Italian,” offered Marc Guggenheim.

As for Felicity’s backstory, Andrew Kreisberg denied the theory that Dr. Anthony Ivo was Felicity’s father, and revealed (with a mischievous smile) that we will get flashbacks to Felicity’s time at MIT in an episode entitled “Oracle.”

“Oracle” also happens to be the name of a popular DC comic book character and member of the Suicide Squad who uses technology and a network of computers to help superheroes around the world, which helps support a popular theory that Felicity may play that role in the Arrow universe.

Of course, there are other characters on the show besides Felicity. Thea Queen, for instance, will be somewhat of a “different girl” this season, perhaps as she explores her darker side.

“Thea is going through something pretty crazy right now,” teased Willa Holland. “All I can say is I have been hitting the gym a little bit.”

Holland couldn’t say much about any reunion with Roy Harper, but Guggenheim promised “it’s worth the wait.”

Other bits of news included the return of the flashbacks, but things are a bit different this year, as we’ll be learning about Oliver’s time in Hong Kong, and how his relationship with Amanda Waller came about. 

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We’ll also get to see Tommy (RIP!) again, as Colin Donnell returns for a flashback between Tommy and Oliver.

Producers also revealed at the panel that not only will Felicity visit Central City in The Flash’s fourth episode, but episode 8 of both Arrow and The Flash will be a 2 hour crossover episode.

“Everyone will get a little taste of each other,” Kreisberg said, and the room, of course, went nuts.

Arrow returns Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. 

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