Autumn & Sophia Have an Explosive Argument on WAGS: ”Don’t Talk About My Family Like That”

“Let’s play ball.”

Autumn Ajirotutu and Sophia Pierson get into a heated argument on the WAGS season two premiere tonight!

In this clip from the episode, the ladies are at a party when Autumn and Sophia meet for the first time. After hearing that Autumn accused Sophia’s cousin Natalie Halcro of having a “fake relationship” with her boyfriend Shaun Phillips, Sophia confronts Autumn.

“So how are you and Seyi?” Sophia asks.

“We’re fabulous,” Autumn tells Sophia.

“Good. So is your relationship fake as well?” Sophia asks.

Autumn replies “no” and tells Sophia she’s been married for four years, almost five.

“Yeah that’s a fun thing to say about my cousin,” Sophia tells Autumn.

“Well I’m sorry,” Autumn says.

“Are you though?” Sophia asks.

“Yeah because you know it’s not my fault that her boyfriend was walking around San Diego telling my friends that do bottle service in the clubs that that was that,” Autumn tells Sophia.

Autumn then says she only said it because that’s what she “heard.”

“OK do you know what I saw on Google?” Sophia asks, attempting to bring up the rumors surrounding Autumn and her husband.

How does Autumn react to Sophia’s question?

Take a look at the video above to find out and to see their heated argument!

Season 2 of WAGS premieres June 26 at 10 p.m., only on E!

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