Beyoncé Celebrates Wedding Anniversary With Jay Z By Releasing New Single “Die With You”—Listen Now!


Happy wedding anniversary to us!

As Beyoncé celebrates seven years of marriage to Jay Z, the “Crazy in Love” singer decided to treat the world to a special gift when she released a brand-new single on Tidal.

What’s even better? The track is a giant love note to her main man. Need proof? Just listen! 

“Cause darling I wake up just to sleep with you,” Queen Bey sings in the hot new track teased Saturday afternoon on Facebook. “I open my eyes so I could see with you and I live so I can die with you.”

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The heartfelt lyrics may be touching, but the music video may also just melt thousands of Beyhive members. Released exclusively on Tidal, the film features Beyoncé on piano while wearing a baseball cap backwards and a “Thriller” T-shirt.

Viewers can also hear Mrs. Carter scream “Yeah, thank you!” to the camera man who just so happens to be Jay Z. Pretty clever, right?

Tidal is a new streaming service introduced by the “99 Problems” rapper just this past week. For as low as $ 10 a month, consumers can listen to as much music as they can without any delay. Artists including Madonna, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Chris Martin and Taylor Swift have shown their support for the service that allows artists to earn money for the music they create.

Thanks to Beyoncé’s new single, we have a feeling some of you may have jumped on board this weekend. 

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