Bitch Stole My Look! Naomi Campbell vs. Piper Perabo in Michael Kors

Naomi Campbell, Piper PeraboIan Gavan/Getty Images for Michael Kors; FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

We typically struggle over a Bitch Stole My Look! when two beauties are involved, but this time the we took one look at Naomi Campbell versus Piper Perabo and knew our answer.

No, it’s not because one looks more beautiful than the other. No, it’s not because we prefer a U.K. supermodel to an American television actress. It’s because the Covert Affairs star is wearing this crazy silver gown on her wedding day.

We love a non-traditional big day gown, but this Michael Kors creation is taking things one giant step too far!

VIDEO: Get all the deets on Piper’s unique wedding day!

It’s tough to compete with The Face star in any old outfit, but the bride element takes this battle to a totally different level. Frankly, we don’t love the dress for either celeb. The metallic sheen looks tacky, giraffe is always an odd animal print choice, and with the long sleeves and length, there’s just so much of it.

But Naomi just has to remember the look as one odd outfit in a run of a million. TV’s Annie Walker is going to have to explain this hot mess to her kids someday…

What’s your take on the sitch?

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