Blake Lively Just Called Ryan Reynolds a “Hypocrite” and He May Have Totally Deserved It After This Daring Stunt

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Instagram

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, InstagramInstagram

Your wife is always watching you, Ryan Reynolds!

The Hollywood stud decided to have a little fun on Instagram Saturday morning when he delivered some wise advice to his followers.

“Don’t try this at home,” he captioned as a man held up his hands in the air while riding a BMW motorcycle down an empty street. “Particularly, in the living room.”

While we can’t officially confirm the driver is in fact Mr. Reynolds, Blake Lively spotted the post and wasn’t too thrilled with what she saw.

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Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, InstagramInstagram

“…because he already tried!!!” she shared online while her hubby posed on another motorcycle inside their home. “@VancityReynolds just posted some great advice, but he forgot to mention one small detail. #Hypocrite.” Ohhhh, you just got called out dude!

She added, “#I’dGive$ 70dollarsColdHardCashToWhoeverCouldResistHim  #TooInLike.” In other words, Blake couldn’t stay mad at her main man for long. After all, how can you resist that face?

While on the subject of this stunning couple, we might as well acknowledge their recent Instagrams that absolutely deserve a follow, like and even some regram love.

After joining the social media site May 11, Ryan has already teased his new movie Deadpool, made a cancer patient’s dream come true and yes, he shared a thumb of baby James. But don’t you worry, Blake. We’ve been ooh-ing and aww-ing over your Instagram for months.

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