Blake Lively Reveals the Best Surprise She’s Ever Given Ryan Reynolds and 72 Other Fun Facts—Watch Now!

Wanna get to know Blake Lively? Well, now you can learn much more than you ever bargained for about the star in roughly six minutes.

The actress took on the challenge of Vogue’s digital series “73 Questions,” where she answers—yep, you guessed it—73 questions in lightning speed! For example, right off the bat we learn that the best thing to happen to Blake this year was getting an Irish Red Setter dog, the best thing to happen to her this month is the launch of her company, Preserve, the ultimate lifestyle website. And the best thing to happen to her on that day was a pair of shoes that “look like everlasting gobstobbers” (Christian Louboutins, of course).

As for the best thing to happen ever? “Pianos.”

Lively also shared that she would live in Paris if she had choose a place other than the east coast, that she identifies with “mostly the men” on Sex and the City, and the best surprise she’s ever given someone was “a collection of short stories written by loved ones for my husband,” aka Ryan Reynolds.

Obviously, that’s just the beginning! Watch the clip to learn even more about the blond beauty!

PHOTOS: Blake Lively’s best looks!


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