Blake Lively’s Recent Love for Suiting Is Inspired by a Movie Director

Blake Lively just revealed the secret behind her epic menswear-inspired looks.

“This outfit is inspired by him without even meaning to,” the actress said pointing to A Simple Favor director Paul Feig on the red carpet of Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary runway show. “In a A Simple Favor, the movie we have coming out on September 14th—shameless self-promotion here—I modeled my entire character’s look after him. So tonight, we were coming at dates and didn’t realize we’re wearing the same outfit—it’s so embarrassing.”

While the film won’t be in theaters for another week, the star has been promoting the movie and wearing similar garments since mid-August. Within the span of a few days, the star was spotted in six different suits, including a lavender, linen suit from Vivienne Westwood, a neon green Versace suit and a wide-leg pantsuit from Zimmerman. 

While her street style may pull from various designers, Blake revealed that Ralph Lauren also had a role in her film: “And, I’m actually only wearing Ralph Lauren suits in my film, A Simple Favor, out September 14th,” she said, laughing.

Check out more from Blake in the video above!

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