Bold Strategy, Urban Outfitters: 9 Things We’d Rather Do Than Work for Free

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It’s 4 p.m. on Friday and you are trying to sneak out of work. Your boss calls you into their office and asks if you could work on Saturday to help with paperwork. We have all woken up in a cold sweat from this nightmare, right? Well add to that nightmare that your boss informs you that you will be working for free.

That’s exactly what Urban Outfitters Parent company URBN Inc. did. According to Gawker, they sent out an email this week asking employees to volunteer to work at their fulfillment center in Gap, Pennsylvania.

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In the email the company explained that October is the start of their holiday season and they will need all the help they can get.

“URBN is seeking weekend volunteers to help out at our fulfillment center in Gap, PA. October will be the busiest month yet for the center, and we need additional helping hands to ensure the timely shipment of orders.”

We are still not seeing any incentive here. How ’bout a Starbucks gift card? The only “perks'” listed on the email are a provided lunch and transportation.

So we decided to bring you a list of things we would rather do on the weekend than work for free:

1. Yard work, and we’re not talking mowing the lawn on a cushy lawn mower. We’re talking weed whacking and raking leaves
2. Getting a root canal…without any medication
3. Knitting
4. Helping someone move
5. Having a One Direction fan explain to us in excruciating detail why they love Harry Styles
6. Crocheting
7. Applying for a loan 
8. Learning about the fiscal crisis

And finally…

9. Waiting on line at the DMV

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Urban Outfitters later released a statement about the volunteer request, along the lines of “don’t worry, employees love it!”

“After successfully opening our new fulfillment center in June, we asked salaried employees at our home office to volunteer for shifts that would help support the new center through a busy month of October. Unsurprisingly, we received a tremendous response, including many of our senior management. Many hourly employees also offered to pitch in – an offer which we appreciated, but declined in order to ensure full compliance with all applicable labor laws and regulations. The dedication and commitment of URBN employees are second to none, and their response to this request is a testament to their solidarity and continued success.”

This is not the first time Urban Outfitters has been in hot water for a product or company policy. They seem to make faux pas on a regular basis, actually.

For all those reading this who are excited at the prospect of free labor, never fear, you can sign up for multiple days! (Won’t) see you there!

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