Carey Mulligan Hails Uber Pool, Eats Hot Dogs and Turns Into Our New Girl Crush

It’s official: Carey Mulligan is the best New Yorker ever.

The typically prim and proper British actress is across the pond for her three-month run in the Broadway play Skylight, and it’s safe to say she’s fitting in to life in the Big Apple quite nicely. Almost too nicely.

As part of her just-released Vogue cover story (for the May issue) Mulligan took the magazine on a little tour of her slice of the city and it’s impossible to watch without cracking a smile. We’ve been big fans of Carey’s work for years now—she was ravishing in flicks like An Education and The Great Gatsby—but we’ve known just that: Her work. She’s a notoriously private person, so to see her running around New York, high-fiving construction workers and chowing down on hot dogs, is quite the pleasant surprise.

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In fact, we’re going to go so far as to say we’ve become absolutely smitten with this brash and brazen Carey Mulligan. For starters, she ditches her usual wardrobe of trousers and blazers for sweatpants, sneakers and, best of all, a Yankees hat. She eats pretzels from the street, she dances along with street performers (while cheering very loudly) and she asks random strangers “How you doin’?” (And yes, spoiler alert: She totally nails the De Niro accent).

Oh, and she’s also become pretty much the reigning SoulCycle expert in NYC.

In other words, we think Carey Mulligan just blew past Emma Stone to nab the top spot in our personal list of Stars We Want to Get a Beer With. Carey, be our new BFF?

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