Clayton Kershaw Throws a Baseball at Jimmy Kimmel’s Head—Watch Now!

Jimmy Kimmel certainly is a good sport!

The late-night host made L.A. Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw feel right at home Monday when he invited him to throw some baseballs on the Jimmy Kimmel Live set. The only catch? Kershaw was pitching non-regulation baseballs at Kimmel—trying to knock on apple off the top of his head!

“Do your best and try not to hit me in the face,” Kimmel, wearing a pair of protective eye goggles, asked of the athlete.

“No promises,” said Kershaw, 26. “It might take a few!”

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel reveals his strange late-night strategy!

And it did! After a few misses and one hit straight to the face, Kershaw’s pitch knocked Kimmel’s safety goggles before bouncing up to knock the apple clear off his head. Not bad!

Kershaw didn’t have any balls thrown at his head during his Jimmy Kimmel Live visit, but he’s used to being a target—especially when it comes to San Francisco Giants fans’ trash talk! “You know, they do their homework,” he told Kimmel approvingly. “I feel like they go on Google or Wikipedia or whatever—they have your dog’s name, your wife’s name. They come with it all! It’s really impressive.”

In fact, the Dodgers pitcher has a “ton of respect” for his rivals’ commitment, saying, “It’s not just, ‘You suck”—they have everything!”

Looks like Kershaw and Kimmel are both good sports!

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