Did LeBron James Just Flash His Penis to Everyone Watching the NBA Finals?!

LeBron James

LeBron James Jason Miller/Getty Images

Yo, was that what we think it was?!

While many are focused on whether the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors are going to take Game 4 of the NBA Finals tonight, some found themselves distracted by a surprise visitor on their TV screen.

During the ABC telecast of the basketball game, cameras got a close-up of LeBron James adjusting his basketball shorts when…wait a second. Hold up. Did King James just flash his prince?! Oh yes, LeBron James accidentally showed his penis to the millions of viewers watching. Oops!

Gotta love live TV, right? Granted, the NSFW moment was extremely quick, so there’s obvious speculation if it was really what people think it is—because what?!—but thanks to the Internet, you can re-live it over and over again to confirm that, yep, that was James’ junk.

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LeBron James, PenisVine

For those who did catch the D-slip when it happened, it was clear what they had to do next—go to Twitter to talk about it.

OK, LeBron, we see you. Literally.

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