Eva Mendes Gives Emotional Speech, Blames Teleprompter Flub on Baby Esmeralda? Watch Now!

Motherhood is wonderful, but it’s also exhausting—just ask Eva Mendes!

Ryan Gosling‘s love attended the Hollywood Stands Up to Cancer event Wednesday with her family. The actress and new mom gave an emotional speech, too, sharing with the star-studded audience why funding cancer treatment research is so important.

“Each one of us in this room that is here tonight, we’re here because someone in our family or someone close to us has been affected by this insidious disease,” said Eva. “Tonight I’m here with my family and my brother Carlos, who I love so much.”

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“He had treatment today,” she said, fighting back tears, “and we weren’t sure if he was going to be feeling up to it. So, I’m so happy you made it, and I love you. I love you!”

At this point, Esmeralda‘s mama attempted to read a blurb about Stand Up to Cancer off of a teleprompter, but this was easier said than done! “I guess the fight—” she started, fumbling over the words. “I’m sort of—go back?”

It only went (adorably) downhill from here! But wait, how did Eva jokingly thrust the blame for mom’s teleprompter goof on 4-month-old Esmeralda? Watch the clip above to find out! 

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