Even Kate Upton Needs a Touch-Up! Model Steps Out Makeup-Free, Reveals Blotchy Skin

Kate UptonM A N I K (NYC)/ Splash News

Finally, proof that Kate Upton isn’t always flawless. 

Sure, the stunning supermodel looks gorgeous every time we lay eyes on her, but on Thursday, visual evidence of the fact that—yes—even Kate Upton sometimes needs a touch up surfaced. 

The 22-year-old Sports Illustrated stunner was photographed earlier this week in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she stepped out for a makeup-free outing, during which her slightly blotchy skin was noticeably visible. 

Hey, models have rough days, too! 

Upton looked both polished and business casual in a pair of gray trouser-style capris which she teamed with a navy blue blouse and black glasses. She added a gold watch as well as a blue and white handbag for accessories while rocking sharp black pumps on her feet. 

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Kate UptonM A N I K (NYC)/ Splash News

Upon returning to her car, the blond beauty seemingly got wind of a tiny blemish on her face—and luckily she had a pair of tweezers handy, as she was snapped tending to her skin with her vehicle’s visor mirror (hey, we’ve all been there!). 

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Vogue cover girl has stepped out makeup-free. In fact, she’s flaunted her fresh-face a number of times in the past, proving she’s comfortable in her own skin. 

Meanwhile, Upton most recently covered Marie Claire magazine and revealed why she is rarely seen with a full face of makeup. 

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Kate UptonM A N I K (NYC)/ Splash News

“The other reason I usually do more natural makeup is my personality,” she explained. “I’m a talker—and I don’t have a filter. Plus, I’m always smiling. I think if I walked into a room wearing neon or lots of makeup, people would be like, ‘Whoa, it’s all too much!’ So I tone down my makeup for balance.”

As for her day-to-day makeup routine? 

“My everyday look is based on something a makeup artist once told me, which is, ‘Start with pretty.'” she dished. “I brush out my brows, put on a bit of brown shadow and mascara, and then perfect my skin with Bobbi Brown’s concealer kit. You can always add a lip color and enhance it from there, but if you start with pretty, then it’s more about the woman than the makeup.” 

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