Family Feud Contestant Traumatizes His Family With His “Sexy” Answer

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Family Feud, Larry

Family Feud, Larry GSN/YouTube

Oh, Larry. You must be an absolute firecracker in bed.

Family Feud, the series that’s now less of an actual game show and more of a “how many ways can we get old people to say sexual things in front of their families?” has delivered yet another gem. Seriously, FF…don’t ever stop with these.

Host Steve Harvey asked a contestant named Larry, a father and, to his children, a very non-sexual human being, this question: “Name the first part of a woman you touch to get her in the mood.”

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His answer mortified his family, not because it was especially dirty, but mostly because of how he described that particular part of a woman’s anatomy.


Family Feud, Larry GSN/YouTube

Shockingly, that answer was not on the board, which made us very worried for the 100 men who got polled. Are they sure they’re “doing sex” right? Yeah, you don’t want to go right for the finish line as soon as the whistle blows but damn…

Memo to dudes: the “lower front” is kind of an important part of a women’s sexual experience.

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