Heidi Klum Shares Stunning Before & After Makeup Pics—See the Crazy Transformation!

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To amend her token catchphrase: In one pic you’re makeup-free, the next you’re all glammed up!

Undoubtedly onset for somewhere, Heidi Klum snapped a few candids documenting her drastic before-and-after looks for Instagram. In the first picture, we catch a glimpse of a fresh faced Klum with hair pulled back and still damp. The next, she’s rocking a dramatic cat eye, arched brows, expert contouring and sugary pink lips. And the hair—va-va voom!—piled on top of her head in a (literally) over-the-top blowout.

Now this really is a transformation Tuesday!

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This isn’t the first time the Project Runway host has skipped the cosmetics for a photo op. Back in 2012, she posed au naturel for the UK-based charity Children in Need, proving yet again that she doesn’t require 24/7 primping to look like a supermodel all the time.

No word on exactly what her sumptuous makeover was for, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for a new Heidi ad coming soon.

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