Hot Mess Alert! Katy Perry Looks like an Asparagus, Literally

Katy PerryO’Neill/Todd G, PacificCoastNews

Okay, Katy Perry. What are you trying to prove? The slime-colored hair was crazy enough, but this Jolly Green Giant costume is borderline insanity.

Are you trying to look like a human-sized string bean? Or an adult female asparagus? Or like you doused your entire body in split pea soup?

Whatever the answer, you’ve got to know this fashion is not flattering because if you don’t…we have bigger problems on our hands.

VIDEO: FYI Katy Perry has tiger blood. Watch the star explain herself!

It’s not just the awkward olive shade we can’t supportthis whole look is a disaster! The long sleeves and long skirt make the “Unconditionally” singer look totally frumpy, the fact that it’s sheer makes it even more awkward, and don’t even get us started on that spiky dog collar.

We know the star is approaching her 30th birthday, but this feels like total teenage angst attire. Maybe this is what’s trendy in Toronto where the pop star is on tour?

In that case, we feel very sorry for the people of Toronto…

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