Ian Somerhalder Talks Marriage Plans (Say What?!) and His Love Life on The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder “will be” getting married!

But wait, before you “Somerhalics” fall to your knees in complete cardiac arrest, please note that there was a crucial follow-up word: “Eventually.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist delivering the news that way, because that’s precisely how Ian (inadvertantly) threw me for a loop during our most recent interview, at San Diego Comic-Con. He was there, of course, to promote the upcoming sixth season of The Vampire Diaries, with co-stars Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham.

While in a silly and yet heated debate about “hate sex”—you had to be there, and you can by clicking on the video above!—Ian referenced that although he isn’t married, “I will be. I will be.”

When asked for clarification as to whether we missed some sort of engagement news, Ian laughed and set the record straight: “I mean eventually, in my life! No, I mean eventually.”

Now, unless you are living under a rock, you know Ian has been romantically linked as of late to Nikki Reed, and spotted out looking affectionate with her recently. So, I had to ask, could he check a box just real quick about his romantic status?  “Single,” “Taken” or “It’s Complicated?”

Check the video above for his response. As well as (far more importantly, ammIright TVD fans?! ), how Ian and Kat both feel about the possibility of a “Bamon” (Bonnie and Damon) romance for season five.

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Fun fact: One of them thinks they have “so much chemistry,” and the other thinks they have “NO chemistry” whatsoever.

One thing is certain: They don’t see eye to eye!

Also, you know you want the latest from “Sexy Wesley” (Paul Wesley), so we’re throwing that video in here, too.

The Vampire Diaries‘ sixth season (with Bonnie and Damon sitting in, not a tree, but another dimension) begins Oct. 2 on the CW.

Don’t forget to watch the 3 videos above!

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