It’s 2014 Comic-Con Time: Play Our “Which Superhero or Villain Is Hotter?” Game Now!

Thor, Captain AmericaParamount Pictures; Marvel

Good guys vs. better guys and hot vs. hotter!

Comic-Con 2014 is finally here and we’re celebrating with our interactive “Which Superhero or Villain Is Hotter?” game.

The four-day event in honor of all things comic book kicked off yesterday in San Diego and we’re reveling in the fanboy and fangirl excitement by letting you decide: Would you rather have the muscle-bound Chris Hemsworth as Thor save you or would you prefer to be swooped up into the suave safety net that is Spider-Man Andrew Garfield‘s web?

Is a strapping savior with an “S” on his chest your type of man or would you rather have a superhero sporting star-spangled spandex across his brawny torso?

Decide between those dapper defenders, a few villains and a couple of sexy lady avengers such as Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the spirited face-off game below. Play, share your results and invite friends to get in on the Comic-Con action!

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