Jerry Seinfeld and His Family Are Having an Awesome Summer Vacation—Check Out All Their Pics!

Jerry Seinfeld, Jessica SeinfeldInstagram

Jerry Seinfeld and the rest of his family are having one fantastic summer vacation, if Instagram is any indicator.

The comedian’s wife, Jessica, has been sharing several family-filled snapshots from their break and we gotta say, we’re pretty envious of their adventures!

In fact, Jessica’s managed to document the tight-knit crew celebrating several holidays together (like family friends’ birthdays) and enjoying some much-needed downtime in their home in the Hamptons.

In one particularly cute photo, Jerry and his children are all gathered around a table and a birthday cake for their close pal, Michelle.

“My [heart] beats for these freaks,” she captioned the sweet candid moment.

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Jerry Seinfeld, Jessica SeinfeldInstagram

And the happy couple was also shown posing alongside the same friends by an outdoor table featuring several homemade dishes that she’s become well-known for.

“Jerry and his ladies celebrating NATIONAL TEQUILA DAYYYYYYY. Not a moment too soon,” Jessica wrote on Instagram.

And recently, the entire family got in on the action for a lemonade sale honoring, a charity that the Seinfeld’s have been heavily involved in.

Jessica posted the group hanging out by a big sign written on a tree trunk that read, “Lemonade,” and joked in an earlier picture, “Don’t be a hater…be a lemonade.”

Now that’s some family fun for a good cause!

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