Jersey Shore Cast Cashing in on Success

Mike Sorrentino, otherwise known as “The Situation” of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” is hoping to get a cologne on the market that will smell like money.

His reality show cast mate, Jenni “JWOWW” Farley, is also planning a product launch — a clothing line — to capitalize on her growing recognition.

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As Napoleon once said: “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.” If the cast members of the popular program want to make some coin off their new-found fame, experts say they need to act fast.

“As long as the show stays popular, they’ve got time to be able to milk the market,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst for apparel, footwear and accessories at NPD Group, which provides consumer market research. “You’ve got to strike while you can.”

Thinking beyond the box

Tom Meyer, president of Davie Brown Entertainment, a marketing agency that produces an index measuring the popularity of stars, described the show as “a potential launching pad” that is essential to the future careers of the cast, “because the show is going to run out of gas at some point.”

MTV has reportedly paid the cast $180,000 each for the upcoming season. They also pull in thousands of dollars for appearances at nightclubs and red carpet events. Sorrentino and Farley are stepping it up with product branding.

Farley has already been selling various products through her Web site, including diet supplements, posters of herself in sultry poses, and skimpy clothes mimicking the yellow torso-bandana she wore on the show.

“JWOWW is working it right now,” said Meyer. “She’s using fully her 15 minutes of fame to diversify.”

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