Jessie James Decker Admits to Eating Snickers Everyday While Pregnant, Shares How She Lost 45 Pounds

Admit it: Jessie James Decker has never looked better!

After giving birth to baby Vivianne Rose in March, Mrs. Eric Decker has dropped some serious weight leaving her looking and feeling fantastic.

So how did the new mom do it? Not exactly in the gym!

“I will say a lot of it has been natural and genetics,” the “Baby It’s Christmas” singer shared with E! News at the NBC Experience Store. “My mom looks incredible.”

But before you get too jealous ladies, there was some sweat involved with losing close to 45 pounds. Like most moms, Decker experienced a hump in her weight loss she struggled to overcome.

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“I gained 55 pounds [while pregnant] and so there was a little phase in there where I was just sitting at a weight and I was uncomfortable,” she admitted. “So for about four to six weeks, I was on the StairMaster every single day and eating a little better.”

And by eating better, she really means not eating one Snickers chocolate bar a day. “I definitely enjoyed myself,” she joked when recalling her pregnancy diet.

Although she still hopes to lose another 10 pounds, Decker says she’s “good to go” to live and enjoy her life. And all that “pressure” in Hollywood certainly won’t sway her either.

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“I don’t think it’s realistic and I don’t understand it because the real women out there are not dropping weight like that that quick,” she explained. “It’s not possible.”

She added, “I would rather focus on taking care of my daughter than getting skinny again. It’s a little silly.”

We can’t argue with that. Keep up the good work, Jessie! You’re looking great.

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