Jordin Sparks, Common and the Fashion Police Guess Celebs From Pictures of Their Behinds—See the Outrageous Clip!

The Fashion Police played a hilarious game of “Guess Me From Behind,” and it was all about beach back sides!

The first picture was a tan, bootylicious mama and her kid with snorkeling gear in the ocean. Joan Rivers jokes, “It could be an old picture of Katie Holmes, with Tom Cruise on the honeymoon, but I don’t think so.”

Oh Joan! You may be surprised to find out what hot celeb it really is!

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The second photo is of a male actor, hanging with a hot girl. Special guest Common, guesses Bradley Cooper. This one was absolutely shocking and you will be stunned with the reveal!

Watch the above clip to see Joan and her pals chat about these hot celebs on the beach! 

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