Josh Brolin Is Way More Involved With Planning His Wedding Than You’d Think: ”It’s Very Exciting”

Josh Brolin can’t stop looking at Pinterest for wedding ideas.

OK, maybe not, but get this—the actor has actually been very involved with planning his upcoming wedding to fiancée Kathryn Boyd.

“I’m the guy who has to force himself to back off!” Brolin told me while promoting Everest (in theaters Sept. 25).


“I’m such a control freak and I want to control everything,” Brolin explained. “It’s not even that I want to control it—I just want to be in the middle of it. I want to be in the nucleus of it because that’s the fun part. That’s the nectar.”

Brolin and Boyd got engaged in April. They were first reported to be dating in February 2014 after being spotted kissing while vacationing in Rome.

Josh Brolin, Kathryn BoydBERTRAND LANGLOIS/AFP/Getty Images)

“We’re still in the midst of figuring out the best time and all that stuff, but it’s very exciting,” Brolin said.

He admits he doesn’t actually have specific ideas for the big day. “It’s not that I’m going for anything in particular,” Brolin said. “I just want to be in the soup.”

Everest is an adaptation of Jon Krakauer‘s bestselling Into Thin Air, the true story about three climbing groups that were stranded on Mt. Everest during a deadly storm in 1996.

The all-star cast also includes Jason Clarke, Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, John Hawkes, Emily Watson and Sam Worthington.

Josh Brolin, EverestJasin Boland/Universal Pictures
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