Key & Peele Celebrates Teachers in SportsCenter Parody: Watch Now!


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This latest Key & Peele sketch will make you want to call the second grade teacher who made you love reading and thank her profusely.

The Comedy Central show, starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, is now in its fifth and final season.

Their preview for tonight’s new episode is a hilarious SportsCenter-style parody that depicts a world where educators are treated like star athletescomplete with classroom play-by-plays, crazy contract deals, and televised teacher drafts.

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From English teacher Ruby Ruhf’s decision to switch schools, a very LeBron James move, to the news ticker of student test scores, the classroom becomes an exciting, high-stakes world like it’s middle of the NBA playoffs.

We even see a breakdown of what makes a great teacher when one educator calls on a student who didn’t have his hand raised and asks him to answer a question.

“See what she did there? She’s bringing an introvert into the discussion, y’all. That’s a ‘Teacher of the Year’ play right there.”

A world where schools with the lowest test scores can draft the best teachers? Unfortunately, this is still just a comedy parody, but bravo to Key & Peele for once again highlighting a major issue in the funniest way possible!

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