Kim Kardashian Takes Naked Selfies, Bruce and Kris Jenner Get in a Car Accident & More From Thailand—See the KUWTK Recap!

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

On the most recent Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the entire gang goes on their annual family vacation…but paradise isn’t as it seems. One family member decides to ditch the trip entirely, Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner clash when it comes to choosing activities, and things come to a frightening halt during a traumatic car accident!

Khloé Kardashian is moving into brother Rob Kardashian‘s place, where she plans on staying for a while until she figures out what to do next. Khloé is excited to live with Rob because she misses him and is looking forward to spending more time with him!

Back at Kris’s house, the family gathers around to vote on where they’d like their next family vacation to be.

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

Rob goes MIA, so the family is forced to decide without him. After writing places down on pieces of paper, Kris counts up the votes to determine where they’ll be going:

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

The next day, Kim Kardashian goes shopping for an underwater camera to take on her trip. Fiancé Kanye West will be in Germany during the family’s trip, so Kim decides to make him the ultimate Thailand selfie album in order to make him feel like he was part of the trip.

While hanging with Kim and Kris, Khloé mentions how much she enjoys living with Rob and describes the special relationship the two of them share:

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

Khloé feels that it’s her job to keep Rob motivated to go on the trip and stay positive, especially since he’s been going through a lot lately—not to mention the fact that he is struggling with not having Lamar Odom around.

The next day while hanging out with her sisters, Kim has a big announcement to make:

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

Kim is disappointed, however, when her sisters just laugh and joke around, which makes her feel that they don’t take her accomplishments seriously.

The next morning, Kris and Bruce butt heads while discussing activities that they want to participate in during their upcoming vacation. Bruce wants to be more active and see things, while Kris just wants to lie out on the beach. The bickering has already started and they haven’t even gotten on the plane yet…

While chatting with Kim, Kris shares some of the anxieties that she has about the upcoming trip regarding hers and Bruce’s conflicting interests.

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

Kim suggests that Kris also invite Brandon Jenner, Brody Jenner and Leah Jenner to come along. Not only will it be fun to have them on the trip but Bruce will have other companions that he can do activities with, which will give Kris some space and breathing room!

Kris loves the idea and thinks that it’s the perfect plan…

The next day,  the family doctor shows up to administer injections so that the family can travel to Thailand!

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

Later that night, the family heads to the airport to start their big journey! Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick stayed back because they weren’t feeling well, and Rob hasn’t shown up.

As they board the plane, there is still no sign of Rob—and he still hasn’t responded to any of their calls or texts!

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

Khloé doesn’t want to leave Rob behind, but Kylie Jenner threatens to not go on the trip if her big sister doesn’t go.

Not wanting to ruin the family trip for everyone else, Khloé decides to stay on the flight, but she’s very worried about Rob…

After a long flight, they are finally in Thailand!

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

They arrive at the resort where they will be staying, and it’s surrounded by lots of land, beautiful trees and a gorgeous pool!

There are even elephants walking around…

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

Khloé goes for a walk on the beach and tries calling Rob again, but she can’t get a hold of him. Is he okay?

At lunch, Bruce mentions how it would be so much more fun if Rob was there. Kim says everyone babies Rob too much and that he needs some tough love, but Khloé stands up for him and says that it’s easier said than done.

Meanwhile, Kim is on a mission to take as many selfies as possible for her Kanye picture book!

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

She even becomes friends with an elephant…

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

During dinner, the family watches a performance by fire eating dancers, but Khloé starts to get annoyed when she notices that Kim is more focused on her selfies than watching the show.

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

The next morning, Bruce takes everyone on a ziplining adventure!

When it’s Kim’s turn to go, she starts to have a panic attack and begins to cry because she’s scared. Even though the others try to encourage her to do it, she decides to stay back and let the others go.

Watch what happens!

During the van ride home, Kris becomes anxious when the driver goes too fast. Bruce tells her to relax, when suddenly they hear a loud crash and hit the car in front of them!

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

Fortunately it was just a fender bender, but Kris’s neck hurts from the whiplash and she can’t wait to get back to the resort!

When they return, Brandon, Brody and Leah are there waiting for them! Kris is excited because she needs a break from Bruce and she thinks that having the others there will help serve as a distraction for him.

Later that evening, Brody accidentally walks in on Kim during a sultry photo shoot!

Kim is embarassed because she’s wearing a see-through dress, while Brody runs out of the room. He immediately tells Brandon and Leah what happened.

See the hilarious moment!

At the dinner table, Bruce and Kris start to bicker over the activities for the next day. Frustrated, Kris gets up from the table and goes to her room, but she is followed by Kendall Jenner and Kylie, who demand to know what “plan” she was talking about at the table.

Bruce walks in on the conversation just as the girls accuse Kris of lying. They all walk out, leaving Kris by herself. Will everyone be able to get along? Or is this trip doomed?

To be continued…

KUWTK Recap, EP 914

Tune-in for a brand new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians next Sunday at 9/8c on E!

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